mailto in us.launch.external

Hi Experts,


In IM form, there is a link called send mail. That is an HTML Viewer. Because of that print page option is not working. So we are changing it to Link Label. In display option, we are using rad function "". we are storing mailto in local variable under RAD expressions. That Functionality is fine. But when we are trying in Web Client, we are getting below mentioned text in POP uP.


"function not available through web browser interface".


How to resolve this?



Shalini R

  • Hi Experts,

    Any Updates or any thoughts to achieve this??



    Shalini R

  • Hi,

    us.launch.external can be used to open a Windows application on Windows client.

    In web client this is not supported, as the browser runs the client in a sandbox for security reasons: A web application must not be able to start any executable. Afaik, it still can be used to open web links even with web client.

    Regarding the rad function I don't know this one.

    So this means, I don't think you can resolve it by tweaking the implementation you have. You will need to think from the requirement and web security restrictions and then implement i.e. a report page to be printed, embed the information in the email, or create a link to login to SM (makeWebURL) or other...

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