SM9.35 Message pop up window on Web client showing 1 hour time difference


Client has raised an issue with Service Manager 9.35 implementation in Prod where pop up message window in Web client is showing time different of 1 hr (ahead)

So, let say, if ticket is updated just now at 14/12/2017 18:30:00 (GMT), the message pop up window is showing time 1 hour ahead as "14/12/2017 19:30:00 - Ticket xxxx updated"

History of this ticket is showing correct timing as 18:30:00

Irrespective of type of message, pop up window is always showing 1 hr ahead time e.g. even when "no record found" message etc.

I have checked the user time zone and profile is setup to GMT (londonxxx) with 1 hr offset. In Dec, london time is same as GMT but message pop up is somehow showing GMT 1

Windows machine is set as GMT

User profile is set as GMT

Company information record is set as GMT

setting sqltz:Greenwich/Universal and servertz:Greenwich/Universal in sm.ini is also NOT making any difference to this behaviour

Please can you advise how to fix this issue and how pop up message time can be aligned with user timezone profile


Steps to reproduce: -

1) Login to SM 9.35 web client

2) Try to search for ticket with some invalid criteria so no records can be returned

3) Open the message window by clicking the 'message' icon on top right corner

4) Notice the "No record found" message and timestamp next to it.

5) In our case, this time is 1 hour ahead of the system time i.e GMT

Client is based in UK and using GMT (london) timezone.

  • Hi,

    please go to the form, look for its name and then go to form designer, insert the name of the form, click on design and check if there is a propertie named "popup subform Input"

    search for that name and then look for their properties and link

  • Hi Carol,


    The issue is with the general message box which appears on SM web client after clicking 'message'  icon on the top right corner. Don't think there is any form designer type form associated with such message window?

    This is the message box showing all messages e.g. unhandled error, information message, debug messages, user interaction messages like ticket number updated, inserted etc.


  • Verified Answer

     I have found the rootcause and solution.

    "(GMT) Greenwich Mean Time : Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London" timezone (in tzfile) has "time change definitions" entries for both BST and GMT where BST is 1 hr ahead of GMT.
    However the "Time change date / indexes" are available only until year 2016 and no further information is available in that timezone on when system should consider BST or GMT.

    So after updating the time change date / indexes for next few years which I copied from "Europe/Western" timezone record, issue is resolved.

    Though in the absence of updated timezone date/indexes, system was behaving in little strange manner as Webclient was showing all times in GMT except the message pop up time which was in BST which gives an impression that it is a system issue and doesn't point to the missing 'Time change date/indexes' information.

    However thanks for your time in looking at the problem.