URL redirection

Hi Experts,

We are planning for an Server Migration. 

So we have done the HP Service Manager 9.40 Setup in different server.

If User hits an old URL, then it should redirect to the new URL. How we can achieve that?

In index .html, i have done the changes. 

If I hit this,  http://XXXX:8080/webtier-9.40/ it is getting redirected. But SM users will hit this complete URL http://XXXX:8080/webtier-9.40/index.do . which is not getting redirected to new URL. Is there any other place where i need to do changes?

Other doubts: 

In case if OLD SM Server is not alive, then how to redirect the URL? is there a way to do it in sm.ini or sm.cfg files? or is there a way to give an ALIAS in TOMCAT in new Server (if they hit any old/new it should redirect to new one)




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