Association between two tables to achieve it in reports

Hi Experts,

We have an requirement, please guide us how to proceed,

we are using 9.40 Codeless SM Version 

Incident Management (probsummary) and Configuration Management (device)

probsummary : incident no, affected press,etc..
device: Press Number, address, region, Press Model, Subcomponent,..

probsummary: Affected Press = BP01 (Multiple records with BP01)
device: Press Number = BP01 (Unique Value), Press Model : T454

We need to create a dashboard/report and need to show how many incidents are still in open status based on Press Model/Subcomponent in configuration management.
Scenarios for creating dashboard may vary. I mean with different fields.

Basically, with combination of two tables, We need to display data in dashboard.

In report, it should be flexible to see, based upon the Press Model(device table), how many incidents are still opened?

Please let me know, how to achieve this in service manager. Else can we achieve these kind of things through any third-party Tool?


SHalini R