Service Manager 9.40 supports SQL Server 2014 SP2 / SP3?

Hi experts,

We are planning to migrate SQL Server 2008 R2 to Higher Version.

I know, SM 9.40 Supports SQL Server 2014.

My doubt is, SM 9.40 will support SQL Server 2014 SP2 / SP3 ?

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Shalini R

  • Hello !

    We previously used  MS SQL 2014 SP2 with 9.41 p5 

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  • As SM 9.40 support SQL server 2014, the SPx will be covered under "Underlying technology version policy".

    From the support matrix doc.

    Underlying technology version policy
    Third-party components, such as databases and operating systems, are supported at the minor level
    unless a different minimum level is specified. For example, Oracle 11.2 is supported at the minimum
    release of Oracle 11.2.0. Future maintenance releases of the same minor release are expected to be
    supported, unless a conflict specific to that release arises. For example, you can expect Oracle 11 to be
    supported on,, etc. Refer to the support matrix provided by the vendor for restrictions
    and other considerations.
    It is not our policy to recertify a released product against a new version of a vendor product, unless the
    current version of our product will be supported well past the end of obtainable or extended support of
    the associated vendor product, and there is not a viable extension to the support of that product. We
    also, as a rule, do not recertify on minor releases (for example, Oracle 11.0, then 11.2, then 11.2g, and
    so on); we only list the latest version of the vendor product that we actually certified at the time of our
    product release.