Need formname(displayscreen name) to displayed in right side down corner in Web Client

Hi All,

I am using SM 9.40 version. As we know, we can see form name and display screen name in right hand side corner in SM windows client if we open any form. But, I couldn't able to see the same form name(display screen name) in SM web client. What are the steps to do to get that form name and dispay screen name to appear on opening any form. 

Its an Urgent requirement.


  • Hi,

    As a workaround, to debug application in web client, you can:

    1. Open the developer tools in the browser by clicking F12. Latest Chrome, Firefox and IE 11 

    2. Using Chrome as trigger the search by clicking ctrl f, and view the format and display screen name by searching for tpz_scForm and tpz_screenname. like below:
    Beware that, each tab has a display screen name and in the example, there are two tpz_screenname: sd.view and scm.advanced.

    3. view the field name by