User ID Changes

WE are going to be changing our users logon IDs for Active Directory. We are running SM 9.34.

Question is, the contact record is synced with AD, Will we have to rename the old operator records to the new User id?

Second Question, will the users still see all their history of incidents/service requests?

  • Hi,

    I kindly recommend to update operator records first. When the "name" field of an operator record is updated, the update will be synched to Contact record but if you update the operator name field of the Contact, you will have validation error instead. 

    Btw, updating operator names in SM does not mean that the Interaction, Incident, etc. records will be updated. If you have to update some information in application records, you have to do it manually or configure a trigger, format control to check and update relevant records when the name attribute of the operator record is changed. Good luck :)


  • Is your operator/contacts records automatically created based from AD?

    if Yes - HPSM will treat new AD as a new record in operator/contacts table. Just like you have new user/employee coming in to use your system.

    if No - You will have to update each of the operator/contacts records

    2nd- Protect data integrity - it is like you still have those existing records even if the assignee/requestor are deactivated - already out of your company and not a user of your system anymore. Changing those existing records sacrifices Data. You need to decide on that scenario. Just my 2 cents

  • I just tell you about our system.

    AD sync with SM, more accurately AD sync with CONTACT table in SM (the specified list of fields using CIT)

    For this sync we use 2 fields as  key (in SM): (format fill for that field:  "FirstName LastName (ADLogin)") (last part of SID in AD for this account)

    In Operator table field name contains logon from AD (wich = value from field of Cantacts table)