(SM) Support Tip: How to import unload (JavaScript/RAD/Data) if no user is able to login SM client

In some case, customer is facing issue that somehow no user is able to login to SM client even system admin, however they like to import certain Javascript/RAD/data into SM to fix the login issue. One of use cases is to import falcon to solve the credential issue when configuring LDAP. Here are the tips about how to import unload into SM in the situation.


  1. Create a test.bat, the script inside for Windows is

set var=%1 

set var=%var:\=\\% 

sm -svc_mode:0 -bg -log:../logs/load.log file.load %var% NULL NULL winnt


  1. Place the test.bat in the RUN directory of your SM server.
  2. Enter cmd to access Windows command line, go to the RUN directory of your SM server. Given your unload test.unl is located in the RUN directory of your SM server, execute the script like this, test test.unl.1.png
  3. The JavaScript/RAD/Data should be in your SM now.
  4. This is the work of SM admin, please check with SM admin if you like to do so. The same method is applied to unix as well with slight changes.