We need your help - DevOps Implementation Tips

We could really use your wisdom! The Customer Advocacy team is crowd-sourcing an eBook of tips on how to be successful in implementing a DevOps methodology. This is not about products, it’s about providing valuable advice to your peers. We’ll take the top 10-12 tips and feature them – and you – in our eBook, and award points via ITOM Insiders if you’re a member or want to join: https://itominsiders.influitive.com/join/vip


So tell us: if you had a friend embarking on a DevOps journey, what advice would you give them in one of these four areas:


  1. What advice do you have for getting teams aligned to the same goals?
  2. What top 3 key performance indicators (KPIs) help you track how you are doing in your DevOps journey?
  3. What was your biggest bottleneck in implementing a DevOps methodology and how did you fix it?
  4. What advice do you have for managing skills development as you bring organizations together through DevOps?



  • Hi, 

    I am working on devops and recently working on IBM urban code deploy(UCD).

    DevOps need a better range of communication between stackholders as well as better relation with most of the tools and technology and lot more.

    As in my chapter of deployment using UCD and as a developer for UCD it require to deal with all the part required to develop a software begining from planing to deployment. The bottel neck here is one should be capable to dell with every tools and technology in path. As and DevOps engineer one should have capability to handle all the individual in stream of  stackholder.

  • Hello,

    can you please post here lonk to the ebppk, if it was published