Multiple check box

I'm have a scenario.

"MyField" has 4 check box options. It allows user to select multiple check boxes.

- Checkbox1

- Checkbox2

- Checkbox3

- Checkbox4

How can I enable user to select 1 or up to 4 options and store the values in "MyField"

When retrieved MyField, it shows "Checkbox1", "Checkbox2", "Checkbox3", "Checkbox4"

Is this possible?


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  • As the checkboxes are mutually exclusive of each others, 1st option means:

    - Checkbox1 - Myfield1

    - Checkbox2 - Myfield2

    - Checkbox3 - Myfield3

    - Checkbox4- Myfield4

    1 field for each checkbox. To you, they may have a relationship but for storage and independent selections, they are just 4 different boolean fields.

  • Hi,

    I'm not sure for what purpose you want it captured this way, but have you considered having the independent fields to store the checkbox values and then one additional field to contain an array of the combined checkbox values?  You could just copy each field value into a position within the array field.