Multiple check box

I'm have a scenario.

"MyField" has 4 check box options. It allows user to select multiple check boxes.

- Checkbox1

- Checkbox2

- Checkbox3

- Checkbox4

How can I enable user to select 1 or up to 4 options and store the values in "MyField"

When retrieved MyField, it shows "Checkbox1", "Checkbox2", "Checkbox3", "Checkbox4"

Is this possible?


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  • As the checkboxes are mutually exclusive of each others, 1st option means:

    - Checkbox1 - Myfield1

    - Checkbox2 - Myfield2

    - Checkbox3 - Myfield3

    - Checkbox4- Myfield4

    1 field for each checkbox. To you, they may have a relationship but for storage and independent selections, they are just 4 different boolean fields.

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