Unable To Setup REST APIs in 9.40.3006

We have HPSM version 9.40.3006. We have followed the documentation to setup the REST APIs correctly. Also attaching the screenshot of the configurations. The situation is that, through browser, we are able to accees the endpoint,  <server>:13089/SM/9/rest (which shows all the APIs) but NOT ABLE TO ACCESS <server>:13089/SM/9/rest/incidents. BOTH from browser and when tried via a REST request, we get the same error which is:

A CxmlAPIException was raised in native code. error -1. Error in executing script RestfulMain.processResourceError in executing script: Type Error: log has no properties, ReturnCode -1

Please help.

Tagging a few experts. Please excuse for the intrusion, if any.   

Screenshot 2018-08-07 13.06.00.png