Escalate to Incident from Interaction - Assignment group

I have searched the forum and was not able to find the right solution to my issue. On the Interaction, I fill the Affected CI, on which I also bring a custom field (very similar to the Assignment Group). The custom field is what I would like to populate on the Escalation Wizard in the Assignment Group field. After I click the Escalate button on the Interaction, it gives me a list of potentially related Incidents. I click Open New Incident button and taken to Escalation Details screen. The Assignment Group IS populated with the value from the custom field, but when I click Next it displays a list of the Assignment Groups like it doesn't see that the assignment group field is already populated. If I choose an Assignment Group from the qbe.list the Incident opens with the chosen assignment group.. Does it not see that I there is something there? What can I check? Also, it is working on the Thick client but not on the Web Client. ??? Appreciate any help
  • The assigment group value is validated against values in the assignment table.  It sees the value you have populated it with, but since that value is not in the assignment table, it asks you to select from the valid values.  I would recommend that if your custom field is like an assignment group, then it should be an assignment group.  That eliminates the need for a custom field and the ensuing custom funtions to go with it.  Otherwise, you would have to turn off the field validation for assigment in the incident, which would probably open an even larger can of worms.