To update the change task status with the parent change

Dear experts,

The requirement is as below.

Whenever any change's status moves to "WIP", then the related task(s) should also have "WIP" status.

And whenever the change moves back from "WIP" to any other status, then the related task(s) also should move back to the same status as the change moved back.

Can you please help. 


  • Hi Experts,


    Can we have  any clue on this ?



  • I'm not going to write the code for you, but I think you can adopt the solution I wrote for another problem:

    Sure, it's written for request and request tasks, but the logic with change and change tasks is similar. Just modify the code so that the status is updated and the record is saved.

    Also, remember to make a check that if change status and task status are the same, update won't be done. Otherwise there's a risk of update loop - I mean task updates change, which triggers change updating tasks etc...

  • Verified Answer

    I have achieved it after adding a ruleset in the change workflow on update.

    This ruleset is set along with the condition of the respective status change and run with a javascript which calls cm3t in w.r.t parent.change.