Time Period Conflicts does not work properly in CM module SM 9.41

We are usiing SM 9.41. In Change Management module, we have a functionality which is related to time period management . Thing is while there is freeze period goes on in change management, we create a time period rule under any time period which included the list of CIs that comes under freeze period.
Now, this means, if any CR is raised in this timeframe of freeze period mentioned in the rule, then the flag "time.period.conflicts" should become true and depends on this flag other functionality starts working.
But after doing the below Steps it, the flag doesn't become true, hence further functionality doesn't get start working.
1. Create a rule under the timeperiod which is already created or it can be a new one under "freeze period" category.
2. Include or check all the CI(s) that should be a part of this freeze period.
3. Put the start and end date depends on the freeze period.
4. Raise a new CR with the CI that is on the list and put the CR dates in between freeze period.

I checked by RAD debugging, the "time.period.conflicts" is not becoming true which should be configured in the scriptlibrary "Time Period" and is called from triggers.

Can you please help on this.