Auto-refresh Dashboards?

Hi everybody,

I remember to read that the Dashboards available in SM 9.40 and newer do refresh themselves but this doesn't happen over here. Is there a setting to control how often they refresh the data?

Thank you

  • Hello Stanum,

    hope you are doing fine.

    Following function is intend to refresh the dashboard for few users only.

     If you want to show the function, you can try Chrome with following instructions. But please note that we have not officially supported it.

    The guide to re-enable this feature in Apps side of SM9.41.

    0. Login to sm via falcon or System.Admin

    1. Input "db" in command bar, and input settings in the Table field.

    2. Choose format "settingsConfig".

    3. Input "Report.Disabled" in the settings text box and click the "search" menu.

    4. There will be two records returned with id "Default.maxRefreshDashboard" and "Enable.Reporting.AutoRefresh".

    5. Change the setting from "Report.Disabled" to "Report" against above 2 records.

    6. Open the menu item "Reporting" --> "Administration" --> "Report Settings".

    7. Click the "Edit Setting" menu item in the more options.

    8. Double click the setting "Default.maxRefreshDashboard" in the list ctrl.

    9. In the "Edit Setting Information" form, copy the content in Description field to Display Label field.

    10. Click Next and then Finish button to save the change.

    11. Repeat step 8~10 for setting "Enable.Reporting.AutoRefresh".

    12. Open the menu item "Reporting" --> "Administration" --> "Report Settings" again, then "Default.maxRefreshDashboard" and "Enable.Reporting.AutoRefresh" would be available. Enable the "Enable.Reporting.AutoRefresh" and provide a default value to "Default.maxRefreshDashboard" open would enable the Auto-Refresh feature for dashboard.

  • I have SM 9.40.0015 but the two auto refresh records do not exist under SettingsConfig. So it looks as though the auto refreshing of dashboards is not supported under this version.
  • Verified Answer

    In SM940,  the autorefresh only refresh the data in the table. not refresh the page. User need to mannualy refresh the page and retreive latest data from table.

    In SM950, auotorefresh page can be supported.