DBDICT of incidents in SM9.41

I have posted a related question, and I'd like if someone can clarify this point:

  • Which SQL Data Type has svc.optins in the incidents table on SM 9.41?

We have this field stored as VARCHAR2(4000) and when the Catalog has many user selections it's not big enough to store them. During the upgrade to SM 9.41 it wants to convert it to BLOB, but i'd like to be sure that if somehow we can convert it to BLOB, it will work because we tried with SM 9.34 and it failed spectacularly.


  • The upgrade pushes svc.option to be blob field. I would suggest that you do this as part of dbdict changes and not let the upgrade change this. You will need to change the field to blob and change sql RC value to true for this to work. Few cautionary note

    1) this type of dbdict changes does a full table copy, i.e it will drop your table and rebuild it, so if you have millions of rows this might take hours

    2) once this change is done to undo is not recommended. So please test this change in test first.

    3) Make the change in the production system as well before applying the customer upgrade, the step will not take long if this pre-step is done.


  • Hello Stanum-Igalan,

       Here's an screenshot of my OOB 9.41 Codeless system:


    On the upgrade guide for the SM9.41, you can see under Chapter 9 "Resolved execptions" that for Oracle DBs you need to adjust this field. For more detail please refer to the UpgradeGuide according to your PD or non-PD system. 

    Hope this helps,