Multilanguage catalogs, how to handle partially translated catalogs


We're in the proccess of enabling multilanguage in SM 9.41P2. Currently we have our catalog in Spanish and we're in the process of getting the items, bundles and categories that we need localized in English. As things are now Service Manager shows empty "slots" on the English catalog whenever a Category that is available for the current user has not an English localization. Which results on something that looks very wrong as there are pages completely empty, I'm attaching screenshots.

This is how the Catalog looks in Spanish:

This is how it looks in English for the same user:

Please note the item counter. Navigation is broken here, we get several blank pages and a third page with the two subcategories that are already translated. Besides you can navigate forward past the limit.

Any ideas about how to handle that?


  • Hello Stanum-Igalan,

    Service Catalog default language is English and because of this SM is assuming localization for english will exist for the items and once there is no localization you will see those empty spots. You can consider this behavior a product defect that I agree partially on it because as I explained English is default. If you want to report this behavior as defect please open a support ticket.