Catalogs, merging non-cart items and cart items breaks the searches

Hello everybody,

The catalog is a bit hard to use if you keep one for cart items, and a separate one for non-cart items. So we created everything in the one with cart and added there items that are non-cart. This works well and when a user has elements in the cart, if he/she tries to order anything that is non-cart a warning and prevents mixing them. So far so good, except for the search box that is broken. You can either search non-cart items or cart items, but never get both in a single search.

Anyone has come up with a solution to this?


  • Hello Stanum-Igalan,

    From what I know about the design of cart and non-cart items SM I don't think SM is designed to be able to merge both types of items. The reason why they are properly separated is because of the nature on how each type item must be requested. Probably the problems you are dealing with is expected because of attempting to merge items that are not expected to be ordered/requested together.