auto assign group using Process Designer


i am a beginner in using Process designer in HPSM 9.41

I need to configure auto assign group incident ticket (based in the OOb workflow)  for incident ticke twith specific catégory (for example,  ticket incident with category = X should be asigned to assignement group = A)

how can i do it bu process designer ?



  • Short steps are:

    • Create a new rule with JavaScript code, which contains your business logic of ticket assignments
    • Assign the new rule to certain workflow phases' actions (I assume Update and Open are suitable)

    I'm using a convention of assigning IM tickets based on Service, not category, but of course the convention varies business by business. The configuration items have a "Assignment" field, which contains the name of responsible group. I'd avoid having a assignment business logic "hardcoded" and make assignments based on services. It's a way HPE promotes as a best practice for this tool and I encourage to follow that path.

    I don't have an OOB environment in my hands, but there is already a ruleset which handles ticket's IM assignments. If I recall correctly, there's no a ready code for assigning per IM category, but you may tinker with the ruleset by cloning it, if you choose that path.