How to delegate approval request for another approval group name


can someone help me acheiving this aim plz :

i have configured an approval for some reuqest type (in SRC); a request was sent and waiting an approval from the approver (let's say named X)

after that, the approver X is never the approval person for this request; and the request still in pending status!

i tried to perform delegation through SM, but with no result! the new approver cannot see the old request waiting his approval yet.

what should i do for this request still in pending status!

  • Hi,

    Delegate approvals to another operator
    Applies to User Roles:

    System Administrator and other users with approval delegation authority

    You can only delegate approvals to another operator if a System Administrator enables the Delegate Approvals or Can Delegate Approvals option for you in your security role.

    To delegate approvals to another operator, follow these steps:

    1. Click Approval Delegation. The Approval Delegation wizard opens and displays any active approval delegations assigned to you.
    2. To create a new approval delegation, click Add New Delegation.
    3. Select whether to delegate all your approvals or to select approvals.
    4. If you are selecting approvals, make the following choices:

    a.   Choose which application's approvals you want to delegate.
    b.   Choose how you want delegate approvals assigned to you:

                      * Assigned as part of an assignment group
                      * Assigned directly to you as an operator
    You can select multiple assignment groups or operators as needed.

    5. Select the delegate to whom you want to grant approval authority.

    HPE Service Manager only displays operators who are eligible approval delegates. If you do not see a particular operator listed as a potential delegate, it means that the operator does not have one or more of the rights required to be eligible for approval delegation. Consult your System Administrator if you want to assign additional rights to a particular operator.

    6. Select the date range during which the approval delegation will be active.