While Closing the Task, I am getting the RAD error in SM9.34

Hi Experts,


I am getting the velow error, which closing Task in SM9. Please refer the below RAD error and let me know your thoughts. Thanks

Process panel start in RAD cm3t.check.last.task encountered error in line 2 (cm3t.check.last.task,start)
Cannot evaluate expression (cm3t.check.last.task,start)
Bad arg(2) oper = (cm3t.check.last.task,start)
Cannot evaluate expression (cm3t.check.last.task,start)
Bad arg(1) oper (cm3t.check.last.task,start)
Cannot evaluate expression (cm3t.check.last.task,start)
Bad arg(2) oper (cm3t.check.last.task,start)
Cannot evaluate expression (cm3t.check.last.task,start)
Unrecoverable error in application:  se.call.process on panel call.rad.1
Unrecoverable error in application:  cm3t.check.last.task on panel start

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  • Hi Alarm,


    Thank you so much for reply. I am clicking the close button from the y screen and it is s this wizards and getting the error message. I have attached the trace log file for your reference. After reaching the RAD "cm3t.check.last.task" , I am getting the error message. Hope, this trace is useful. Thanks



  • Sridhar,

    Is there any Notification which triggers when you Close the Task? I checked the RAD Debug & somehow feel it is to do with some parameters missing on the Notification.
    - Disbled Notification for Change Task & check.
    - Then check various other conditions set for Task Closure.

  • Hi Sanzz,

    Thank you so much for the response. Please refer the below script casuing the error while trying to close the task. Line 2 is causing the error in my system.

    Error :

    Undefined field or variable. Encounter error in line 2

    Script :


    $L.query="(open=true or open=unknown) and parent.change=\"" number in $L.change "\""

    $L.query=nullsub($L.query, false).

    Kindly let me know your thought on the below. Thanks




  • "open" looks like a boolean value which means it can only be true or false and triggering a syntax error and you compare it against unknown. I can't remember if you can detect for null in a boolean value. You could try testing for that.

    Or alternately, initialise "open" with false value so that it's always false and never null value.

  • i am thinking your are runing the query on a cm3t object.

    open is a field in cm3t means whether the ticket is till open.

    parent.change is a field in cm3t to save the id of parent cm3r.

    So the query should be:

    $L.query="(open in $L.file=true or open in $L.file=unknown) and parent.change in $L.fiel=\"" number in $L.change "\""



    In order to save time. you can aslo run the command in your rad debuger to valid your query is correct or not.

    (I am using a task whose parent change is C10028 for testing)

    >d open in $L.file=true and parent.change in $L.file="C10028"