Mass Update the Journal updates in Change Record

Hi Experts,

Is it possible to use the "Mass Update" for updating the Journal entries (activity table) in Change Record. We have a temp field ($cm.upd) while saving the Change Record, values entered in the temp field will get updated in the activity table.

We need to use the "Mass Update" option directly to update the activity table in Change Recod. Please let us know your thought here !! Any king of help would be highly appreciatable.



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    First Line (Change…

  • Hi Experts,


    We need to update the activities using the Mass update in Change Module. Any help on this issue would be higly appreciatble. Thanks

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    First Line (Change to the desired code and check the variable name)

    $cm.activity = "Update"

    Second Line (change to the description and check the variable name - array format, to break line use "xxx", "xxx")

    $cm.update = {"Text here..."}

    Third Line (just leave it this way)

    $L.void=rtecall("callrad",$L.rc,"sc.activity",{"file","second.file","text"}, {$file,$file,"update"}, false)


    If it solved the question, mark as solution and assign kodus :) . I spent a good time to make it works...

    Wish you luck,


    Breno Abreu

  • Hi Breno,

    Great work !!. I tried the with the below listed changes but i am bit unlucky that it is not working for me. I have correct the field name and other stuff's. I am getting a message stating that, updated 11 records but unable to see them in activity table. I shall investigate this further and post the information here. If you have other suggestion, please let me know.


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  • Hi Breno,


    You are awesome. I made a small tweak in the rad call and it is working fine for me now... This is really awesome.... Thank you so mcuh for your quick solution to this.