HP Service Manager 9.41/Smart Analytics 9.41 and SharePoint Integration...

Good morning Members,

I have successfully configured the sclib connector for all of the modules inside HPSM. 
I am having some difficulty with the SharePoint integration. 
It appears from the idol.monitor form that the sAMAccountName field is actually being populated with the fields form the operator record.  Does anyone know why the fields from the scldapconfig record are not being referenced? When you go to System Administration --> Ongoing Maintenance --> System --> LDAP Mapping, click "Set File/Field Level Mapping" --> search for "operator" record in the name field.
In my configuration, the LDAP Attribute Name, sAMAccountName is associated with the "name" field.

When I attempt to test the connection to my DEV SharePoint instance I get the following error in the sm.log:

 3688(  6748) 04/14/2016 15:39:23 ntlm authentication scheme selected
  3688(  6748) 04/14/2016 15:39:23 No credentials available for NTLM <any realm>@<<SharePointServer>>:<<portNumber>>
  3688(  6748) 04/14/2016 15:39:23  RTE W Fatal error at file SC line 1, column 1, invalid document structure
  3688(  6748) 04/14/2016 15:39:23  RTE W Failed to parse the following request: 401 UNAUTHORIZED

If anyone has experienced this issue I would grealy appreciate any assistance.