Link to access change record with Title search

Hi All,

I am using the following link now to search a change order which goes directly to that change. Instead of using the number,  I want to search on the title of the change order. can someone please provide the link?"


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Srinivas Ravi


  • I want to provide more details to my post. 

    I created a few templates for new change records

    To use the template, I have to open New change, apply template and search for template. I get the list of templates i created. when i click on any of the template, it opens a new change record with pre-populated information based on the template. 

    I need the URL link of the template, so that I can use that directly to open change order instead of going through apply template pocess. 

    any help is much appreciated!


    Srinivas Ravi

  • Just to check - For my environment - Opening a change doesn't require to have a template, but you can define a template from Change Categories and or Change Models. And we have the value "true" in field assign.number in file "cm3rcategory", thus a change ID is populated everytime we initiate a New Change.

    How could it be possible to open directly a Change with a template? Just asking as I am as well interested. 

  • I created a template of a change from an existing change. I gave a title to the template.

    Now, I want to open the template from my department website (internal) by providng the hyperlink to the template. So if anyone clicks on the link they will be opening the template and all they should do is apply template and complete creating the change. 

    I need help in finding the link to the template. 



  • I assume it could be possible by creating a query URL which queries Template table with a template name you want. Next step is to create a code that creates a Change record, which is triggered when the query is made. And also the template should be applied on the new record.

    That's a lots of non-OOB coding and IMO it's a consulting task, not something that's easy to code with a help from the board. Of course, maybe someone figures out an easier way to accomplish this?

  • Thank you for your reply. I agree it looks like some customized development work is involved. Thanks to TomPowe, I was able to get the link to open up my template. Unfortunately, there is no option to "Apply Template" from within the template! Open template is just a view to the template. To apply, I have to start all over again from New Change etc.