SMA-SM Mixed mode Service Portal catalogs do not appear

Hello everybody,

I installed SMA-SM 2019.05. I finished the post intallation steps. I configured with external service manager and external smart analytics. Also account configured with AD. All users can connect service portal.

But catalogs do not appear in the service portal. We have many catalogs offerings in the service manager. I couldnt find any documents about appereance of catalogs on the service portal. Could you help me please?

In previous version of sma-sm mixed mode(expecially 2018.08) there was a sync method on propel interface. But there is no propel screen anymore. Any helps will be good.

I need to create a request from catalog. I really stuck in here.



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  • Hi,

    first you specify LDAP user in identity then provide access to catalog to user groups.

    test the following:

    Please validate if you are able to fetch Distinguished Name using the path/query you have specified?

    from, service portal Administration --> Catalogs --> open any items --> once you have opened the catalog Items--> Navigate to "Access Control" Tab --> check group name is available which you have specified in Identity.


    Also try to refresh the screen, let me know if you get any error message

    Note: Strongly recommend to delete cookies & temp file, evertime you test