SRC Additional information (Affected CI ) customization

Hi Everyone,

I have customize SRC Additional Information by adding "Affected Service " field referring SRC_Cutomization_Guide document , which i configured successfully (SRC 941)

But my parent requirement is to pre- fill this Affected service field with  Subscribe CI of Catalog item i.e, Affected CI with which the Catalog item is subscribe with .

1. Login to SRC
2. Browse Catalog -> select item
3. Request form open in which under Additional Information tab there is an OBB field called Urgency and here I configured Affected Service  field

and this field is mapped with device table which I kept read-only.

So is there any way I can fetch and display the Subscribe CI value from the svcCatalog file defined in Catalog item.

Or, How in general we do customization, query on dynamic  field or newly added field in Additional Information.