How to Stop, Alter, and Restart Marquee

I have modified a Form and added Marquee to it.  $Marquee.slw.

I am displaying that on the form.  But it's like a vampire.  I have been unable to kill it.  I've even deleted the Marquee under SysAdmin>Base Sys Config>Publishing Utilities>ModifyMarquees - but still it keeps scrolling.

I need to be able to stop, modify, start marquees at will.

Any advice needed.


Stacy Whetzell

  • You can edit your $MARQUEE.slw text by going to the SYSPUBLISH table and searching for "$SMARQUEE.slw" (or just do a true search and pick it from the list, there aren't many).



    You have this added to the To Do Queue landing page. New users logging in will see the updated text but users who were logged in before the text change will still see the original text as it was at the time of their login unless they refresh the page.