Failed to load user information

We have a new instance of SM9.41 on a test box.  When we log on, we get a nuscience error of, "Failed to load user information".  How do we get rid of this?


Stacy Whetzell

HP SM Administrator

Tennessee Valley Authority

  • Hello,

    This issue has been already reported and can be resolved using the attached unl file

    The unl file contains the ScriptLibrary named SMModuleConfig.

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  • hi Stacy,

    you need to load the platform_unloads under the SM9.41_server to resolve this issue. You have installed new SM9.41 I assume and using SM9.41 webtier?

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  • Verified Answer

    The unload package fixed the problem.  THANKS.

    This post will not allow me to "Accept the Solution", but I do

  • Hello Rama!

    We have the very same situation, but the attached unload contains the same ScriptLibrary we have in our OOB 9.41p2 system (clean installation). Do we have to also load all the platform_unloads?

    Thank you in advance,


  • Hello,

    * installed 9.40
    * patched to 9.41 (sm9.41.4007-P4)

    > Got the error "failed to load user information" on logon

    * patched Applications (no clue if that's needed, but followed the "solutions" that are around)
    Did that using SM9.40-9.41.0020, just loaded the patchrel.unl file, as there's no documentation on that around?

    > Still the same error

    * loaded the QCCR1E124742_SM941_SM930.unl file as posted several times

    > Now this removed the error message, but the 9.41 user button is missing and only the name is written (as in 9.40)

    So although this fixes the error message, still the user information button that should be available with 9,.41 is still missing?

    Ist there a solution to get rid of the error while also offering the new user feature?

  • Hi ,

    If you can get the SM9.41.0020 alreay working without problem then 

    1. open SM 9.41 (RTE Apps - we need the apps here) –
    2. type db and search for table smcconfig
    3. do mass unload to a file
    4. type sl in the same 9.41
    5. search for SMCRemoteService - unload it . ( of course we need and SMMOduleConfig script here )
    6. Now on the system where we have SM 9.40 apps and RTE Webtier 9.41, load everything we unloaded so far.
    7. Test the webtier.