SM9.41 Surveys - Register Intreaction buttons Disabled

I am using the SM9.41 OOTB Internal Surveys. Yesterday, the Surveys allowed customers to select to register an interaction on the last survey question (Question 5).  Today, those buttons are disabled.

This is a test implementation. Nothing has changed so far as I am aware.

Anyone know how to re-enable these buttons - or what conditions disable them?


Thanks all

Stacy Whetzell


  • Verified Answer

    Hello stacy,

    hope you are doing well.

    You should check the display screen and display option of those buttons search in the form.

  • Carlos and Dutch clued me in to what was going wrong.

    On the SurveyInternal Display the 3 fields were set to read only unless the survey was access via ESS.

    This was further compounded by the fact that if you are already logged onto Service Manager, click the ESS-Survey Link in an email, you are taken to the Survey using current session (which is NOT ESS).

    To fix, I changed two settings on Display

    I unchecked Readonly and deleted the [$G.ess]=false in "Read-Only Condition [$G.ess]=false"

    Thanks all