SM9.4x training needs

For an Application Administrator pretty familar with SM9.21, what training classes for 9.4x would be most appropriate

Dittos for SM9.21 programmer....what training classes for 9.4x would be most appropriate

We need to go from crawling to flying pretty quickly....and dont want to crash and burn and so realize we need training.  Rather than depend soley on the Training Team's guidance, would like to have feedback from someone who has been there, done that.

(although input from Traning Team is also welcomed)



Stacy Whetzell


  • Hello Stacy,

    I would like to suggest this training for expanding SM9.21 programmer's knowledge into SM9.4x, which is online training.
     - Service Manager 9.4x Advanced Training - Full Curriculum, All Modules, Level 300
       Curriculum ID: 01069966

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