Send Email with differentsender addresses - Multiple Servicedesks


we  are going to use Service Manager in more departments (IT, RH, BI) with 3 different servicedesk emails (it-servicedesk@xxx.xx, rh-servicedesk@xxx.xx, bi-servicedesk@xxx.xx)

Actually  I configured the email out in sm.cfg as follow :

#HPSM Servlet for Email Out to SMTP Connector
sm -emailout -sleep:30 -clean -smtphost:x.x.x.x -log:../../../../../HPLogs/sm_email_out.log

Is  it possible to change the email sender address depending of the Servicedesk team (Assignment group) or has anyone an other idea how to realize  that the recipient see's where to reply ?

Any solutuions or ideas would be appreciated.


Kind regards