Update related fields if a field was set using Rule Set

Hi Experts,

I set the field requested.by with vars.$lo_contact_name in Standard Change Registration Phase (by ruleset) if requested.by is empty.

My issue is that fields related to this field like location are not set/updated by this action.

If I enter manually a change requester all  related fields are set/updated by the link record but when setting via Ruleset this does not work.

Is there any way to realize this ?

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    I suggest you to use two RuleSet:

    1 - The first is your RuleSet to fill the requested.by field with vars.$lo_contact_name

    2 - The Second RuleSet call a Process Record, and in this process record you can use the us.link RAD app to use a specific link record that fill the other requested fields. (You have an example of process record that call a link 'am.find.children' process)

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  • Hi SteveZK,

    I think PLP is a good way to accomplish your goal, but it's not necessary to create two ruleset you can use one ruleset and have multiple rules inside of it so you know one rule is executed first requested.by=vars.$lo_contact_name and then the call to process for us.link.

    Good luck!


  • Actually, the rule type  Validate Field Against Table allows you execute a fill automatically after the validation is successful, so just add or update the validation for the field to include the fill fields.

    Scroll to the bottom of the screen capture, and notice the "Click Here to Add Fill Information" option. 

    The fill fields panel allows you to map the fields. 


    This actually can replace mapping fields on link lines (always include at least one field in the link line  detail field map or else SM will copy all fields with matching names when the link executes). On codeless builds, I primarily map related field data this way, only mapping the key field  plus any fields displayed to the user in the link..


  • Hi,

    thank's for the proposed solutions, both works fine but for my case I prefer calling a process in the ruleset as I can use the existing link.

    Have a nice day