SRC : Affected Services empty when creating an new Support Request


In order to offer our clients a nice access to the service catalog, I installed SRC on our test env.

If I want to work with support requests, the affected service list is not synchronised with the affected services in HP SM. Becasue of this creation or updates of support tickets does not work (Close works).

I can't open a new support request as I can not select a correct business service --> Message Invalid Service

If I want to update a support ticket or leave a comment, I receive the message :

Message: Unexpected Exception: Runtime error or exception incurred in server. Please contact your Administrator.

We don't work with subscriptions!

Does anyone know, what could be wrong and how I can fix it.

Thank's for any good advices


Env :

Application : HP SM9.34 with PDCP4 SRC 9.34P5

Binaries : 9.35P5