Visible conditions on buttons

We have enabled Mandanten so spesific user only can view Configuration Items with Type=Telephone. This works fine. But my problem is that these user can press the "New"-button to create a CI of any Type. So if they create a new CI of Type = PC, they will not be able to see it due to mandanten. I do not want them to be able to create a CI of any type, how can i restrict that? Can i use Mandaten in any way, in the visible contition for the "new"-button? Any other way to hide the "new"-button from specific users?

  • Hi Stig,

    Well, that will depends of SM version, you must check your format control, display option or form designer.

  • You don't need special coding to do this.  This is already natively controlled by the user's profile record for the Configuration Management environment.

    Depending on the version of HPSM, this will either be a Security Area (with versions 9.5 or greater) or an old-school profile record.  

    In version 9.4 or earlier, take a look at an operator record for one of your operators who is creating these CIs.  Whatever value that operator has in their 'Configuration Profile' field determines which profile (and which rights) this user has.

    Expand your menu navigator for System Administration -> Ongoing Maintenance -> Profiles and select Configuration Management Profiles.

    Search for the profile being used by one of your operators.  There's lots here, but I want to highlight some basic functions.  You'll see checkboxes for basic functions - like 'New', 'Delete', 'View', a dropdown for 'Update', and a tab for 'Device Type Restrictions'.

    If your operator has a profile where the 'New' checkbox is checked, they have the rights to create CIs.  If you don't want to let them create CIs, give them a profile that doesn't have the 'New' checkbox checked.  If you want them to be able to create CIs, but want to limit it to specific types, list those types in the Device Type Restrictions tab.  If the user tries to create a CI they don't have the rights to create, the system will pop a message and prevent them from proceeding.