SM 9.31: Mechanism of automatically populating the SD record's description field with text below


I have one "issue" wich bothers me for some time now, namely I wonder about the exact mechanism of automatically populating the SD record's description field with the following text:

**Title from related Incident record IM...: ...

I assume it's added to description field during the opening of related (i.e. linked) IM record or, perhaps, even during the proces of escalation of SD record respectivelly. (Also I think the populated text can later on never be updated again, i.e. also in the case when the "source" title in IM record is being changed by someone.)

The reason for my question is that I would like to use the translation for this text but so far I simply couldn't manage to even find the location of the original text (it's certainly not located under Messages, so it must be included in fixed way in some wizard, link, format or other control ...). And I am really not some greenhorn when "hacking" into SM here (but obviously I am no big expert either). However, I'm almost sure the information I want should not be that complex at all.

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  • I used the *afind.string RAD app to locate it.  It's in the link record

  • Hello Tom,

    I'm sorry for being a bit late, but - thanks for your reply!

    However it doesn't help me with my "issue". I most probably searched for and browsed through the eventually relevant links before, so, yes, I know about those, but - can someone guide me to the exact location of the exact string of the text I mentioned in previous post? Where "in the SM code" can I see the following text:

    **Title from related Incident record IMxxxxx:


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    P.S.: The source field in probsummary file is 'brief.description' (or Title in short). The target field in incidents file is 'description'.

    The mentioned string followed by the every time's actual incident title is appended to interaction's description field existing contents during the closure of IM and SD record respectively.


  • Verified Answer

    In the link, under Source Field Name,  click on "incidents", then from the Options menu, select "Select Line".  In the Expressions section, you should see:

    $L.string="**Title from related Incident record " number in $ ":"
    description in $L.source=description in $L.source {$L.string} {brief.description in $}
    resolution in $L.source=resolution in $L.source resolution in $


  • Hi again,

    What can I say - many thanks for this micro-tutorial on (basics of?) SM links! :-)

    I obviously wasn't aware of this particular option, although, on the other side, I did check most of the rest from the Options menu (many times before) ... Probably I should start reading Help documentation more thoroughly in the future (or what?). :-P

    However, if I may add (again) - in general, exactly this kind of cases, involving end-user experience as mine above, tell a lot about SM's un-intuitivity(!) (among other things). It's also why I'm constantly repeating my criticism of this HPE product all over certain (HPE) places. Especially if one takes into consideration how incomparable in intuitivity still are present-day HPE Service Manager and (BMC) Remedy's Action Request System from let's say 15 years ago(!).

    I wish you a Happy Easter and may the chocolate be with you! ;-)


    P.S.: ALARMus - nevertheless, thanks to you too!

  •  You know, I looked at this link and did not understand why it works this way and not as all the standard links.