List of all (e.g. personal) reminders (SM 9.3x/Incident Mgmt.)


Is there any way to do a search for and make a list of all (e.g. currently active) reminders that were created by SM personnel via Set Reminder menu option within selected IM records?

Namely, there was request from my colleagues (i.e. Help Desk) if it would be possible to edit or make any changes to already set reminders ... I cannot find this option, if available at all, with my current level of SM knowledge due to current lack of time (it would help though if HP Service Manager would be an intuitive, clearer, more logically and rationally built product, I mean from general administrative and development points of view also :-/ , but anyways ...).

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  • Verified Answer

    The reminders are stored in table "schedule".


    Name: Reminder for falcon

    Application: us.process.reminder

    Query: number="IM10007"

    Under "Strings" tab the table name the reminder is set for and the text is stored.


    Access table "schedule" via command "schedule" and search for all reminders for one operator .

    But this access is not possible for normal users, just only SysAdmin.

    If the purpose is to make this available for a normal Help Desk account with an option like "List Incident Reminders" or something like that, this could be a candidate for an Enhancement Reqest which needs to be opened at support portal.

  • Hello Heike,

    Thank you very much for your prompt reply!

    So, it obviously is another pretty well hidden feature of SM! ;-)

    Btw. - by default this list of let's say scheduled items and the schedule form/table respectively is probably not available anywhere else in the System Navigator tree (except for the System Definition -> Tables list, of course), is it?

    Yes, perhaps it would really be a candidate for a new enhancement request, although, as far as the Set Reminder feature is concerned there I would have at least one additional enhancement in my mind, like adding the option to choose the specific recipient(s) etc. (actually the recipients issue can in some way be solved by creating and using specific SM user accounts).

    Wish you a nice weekend! :-)


  • Hello,

    you can access table "schedule" via the command "schedule" . But the user needs to have the "Activate Command line on startup" flag set in operator record. Normal operators should not have this access.

    Please open a support case to define the "Enhancement Request" if you need that.

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  • Goog morning and thanks for your time and the additional info!

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