Application upgrade 9.52 fails with "Cannot connect to external file"


I am trying to upgrade application version from 9.50 to 9.52 on Linux.

I got the error message:

"Cannot connect to external file /var/lib/tomcat/webapps/webtier-9.52/AppPatchMgr/SM9.50-9.52.0011/patchrel.unl"

But the files are there and also readable for everyone.

I also tried an upgrade via windows client, but I got the same error message.

Maybe someone could give me a hint what goes wrong?

  • I'm guessing that since you put it in your webapp folder that you tried to run the patch using the web client. You want to do that with the thick client, not the web - but the patch files will need to be in a location which the application can reach. So place the patch files on the app server and then give it another shot. :)

  • Same problem with the windows client.

    Using SystemAdministration->OngoingMaintenance\UpgradeUtility\ApplyUpgrade it says "Please input the fully qualified path to the upgrade utility package.

    I tried several option, also with "c:\...\patchrel.unl" at the end without success. 

    Windows->User->Client-load-unload was turned on.

    Maybe anyone has an idea? Thansk a lot!

  • Verified Answer

    Ok, I changed the unload type to server side and the used the files in my home-directory from which I installed the hpsm.

    Now it seems to be working. :-)

    The documentation is not very good at this special point.