(SM) Support Tip: Module License Notifications

Notification to SM Administrators when application/module license is exceeded.


Service Manager allows you to exceed your module license and will log a warning message in the sm.log file.  A system administrator may like to periodically check to see if the license consumption is within the limits and be notified if an overage is detected.


This can be accomplished with a schedule, notification, scmessage and ScriptLibrary records contained in the attached unload file.


The schedule record “License Notification” runs in the alert class with an expiration of 15 minutes.  It calls the ScriptLibrary function “LicenseNotification”.    You can alter the class and expiration interval to meet your needs.


The notification record “License Notification” generates the email based on the scmessage record with a class of “custom” and a Message Number of ‘1’.   The supplied records send the notification to admin@company.com.  You will need to alter this.


The scmessage record:



The ScriptLibrary “LicenseNotification” makes use of the RAD function get.module.license to obtain the license information.  The script can be modified to only report specific modules but by default it reports on all modules.  For example to limit the notification to Change Management and Problem Management you can alter the following line:

    // Use this to limit to specific modules

    //if ( module1[0] == "Change Management" || module1[0] == "Problem Management" )




The generated email for a module would appear as:


Floating license for Incident Management has been exceeded, current count 122, licensed for 100