Managed Field being overwritten with null from a UCMDB data push


I'm running a data push from UCMDB (10.20) to SM (9.41).

For managed fields like Room or Building, I have no data in UCMDB.

The data for these has been manually entered into SM, but the data push from UCMDB overwrites these values with null.

Without removing these fields as "Managed Fields" is there a way to set up SM so it will not overwrite the field if the incoming data is null?

I hope this makes sense. Please let me know if anyone has any ideas?



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    Have you checked both SM log and UCMDB log? This error seems to be from UCMDB.

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  • Verified Answer


    As best I can tell, this is not an error.

    If I remove the field (in this case Room) from the Managed Field list, then it seems to work.

    If the field stays defined as a Managed Field, then the data coming in takes precedence to any existing data, even if the incoming data is NULL (as it's not defined in the UCMDB)

    I've had some luck at creating an "on update" trigger for the joinnode table, but now I need to figure out how to restrict this trigger to only updates via the WebService (from UCMDB)