SOAP update configuration itmes yes/no popup question


there is sometimes a yes/no pup up when we save an configuration item, depending on some other monitoring rules. This yes/no pop up appears when i set the status of an configuration tiem to disposed. When i click on the web interface to yes, CI will be disposed.

How can i answer this question via SOAP/XML when i update an CI?

I use the


method to update the CI status. Can i somehow preanswer this yes/no popup question?

  • What's the code for the condition to display the Yes/No dialog box when you are in the UI?  Where is that code being called from (Process record?  Formatctrl?  Display Option?) And what does the answer _do_?  Does it go somewhere and get populated?  Or is it just like a 'Are you sure you want to do this?' kind of thing?

    You can't display the pop-up via SOAP, but, depending on where the code is being called from and what the answer is supposed to do, you may be able to bypass the code that calls it.