HPSM SOAP join and wildcard

Hello Jose,

thanks for your reply.

I try to built an Incident check for our HPSM. My problem is to query for an incident wich is not closed, starting with a special String and not older then eg 14 days. I already struggle with the "starting with query (Netapp | Node xxxxxxxx)". I tried

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv='schemas.xmlsoap.org/.../' xmlns:ns='http://schemas.hp.com/SM/7' xmlns:com='schemas.hp.com/.../Common' xmlns:xm='www.w3.org/.../xmlmime'>
            <ns:RetrieveIncidentKeysListRequest ignoreEmptyElements='true'>
                    <ns:keys> </ns:keys>
                        <Title>&quot;NetApp | Node: *&quot;</Title>

as well as RetrieveIncidentListRequest:


<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="">schemas.xmlsoap.org/.../" xmlns:ns="">schemas.hp.com/.../7">
        <keys query='Description="NetApp | Node: *"&amp;Status=&quot;Work in Progress&quot;'  updatecounter="?">



is it also possible to query for status NOT closed to get all the other Incidents with that parameters?


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    Hello Thomas,
    Thanks for your question!

    SOAP requests depends directly on the inputs and forms from the Module you want to push/pull information.

    Hence, in order to make any instruction, you will require first to understand how the form works, which fields are mandatory and also its scope on what can and cannot be done.

    Since I have no details of your SM version, it is hard to suggest you else, but I am going to share the following documentation from Service Manager Knowledgebase, hoping it can help you:

    SM 9.41 Web Services Guide (Codeless Mode)


  • Hello,

    i wanted to do a query for Incidents with a specific title (starts with "NetApp | Node), Status NOT closed and created within the last 14 days.

    My SM version is 9.41.7001-P7.

    I tried it with RetrieveIncidentKeysListRequest and RetrieveIncidentListRequest function, to get list of IDs or list of Incident objects. But in both cases i had a problem with a query with multiple conditions.

    Can you maybe give me an example how to do a query with multiplie conditions?

    <keys query='xxxxxxxxxxx' updatecounter="?">


    Thank you very much.