Need an expert advise/opinion from a Fix/Solution

Please let me know any feedback and known issues if any you may think of from the fix.

A notebook tab with fields is only visible and editable for some users via a capability word.

*** Issue found and the fix

When users "Without" the new capability words try to Search records and list(QBE) are displayed--- They can do and more> Modify Columns and are able to view/export the data from fields found in the hidden notebook Tab.

FIX: In data policy(datadict) - We have this Column name "Available". Mostly it is having only value of false and true. I have tried the condition - index("CAP1", $lo.ucapex)>0

** The user with the specific capability words are able to add the field in More>modify Columns during the Search List. Those who doesn't have capability words cannot.

While doing further testing, kindly let me know any expert comments as I have only tried this fix for now. My concern is mainly the modification of the datadict which I'm not that sure if will affect any.