Documents support for Migrating Service Manager Suite Server 2008 to New Server Environment

Hi Experts,

May I ask for any guide or documents related to Migration of Service Manager Suite from our current Windows Server 2008 to New Server Environment?

We currently have multiple applications hosted mostly in Windows 2008 Server R2 and due to Microsoft end of support on Jan 2020. We need our planning ahead of time. I was also trying to find documents within the portal but could not find one yet. Your assistance are greatly appreciated.

  • Is SM using SQL Server? You could perform a backup of the current database, move it to the new server with perhaps a new SQL Server instance running and restore it. Then, install the SM Server RTE on the new  Windows server and configure it to connect to the newly restored database. 

  • If you in a virtual environment where you can play around quite easily (clone, create a snapshot, etc) and you don't plan to upgrade SM, just upgrade the Windows, most likely it will work without any issues.
    If you are not or you want to go on a fresh installation, just create the servers and start to install the SM components you use again, one by one, there is no magic.