Change approval notification is not triggering for 2nd approver(future) after the 1st approval

Hi HP Expert,

Good day! I'm still stuck in figuring out how to trigger the htm email notification for the 2nd approver(future or the 2nd sequence approver) in Change Management.

We have added and approval containing 2 approvers (sequence 1 = approver1 and sequence2=approver2). The email is triggerring normally for the 1st approver once landed in the approval phase.

sequence1 or approver1 = field: current.pending.groups

sequence2 or approver2= field: approvals.required

After the 1st approval is completed; the value of  current.pending.groups is now the previous approver 2; in this update after 1st approval. the notification is not triggering.

I have tried defining it in Chm Approval and Chm Update Notifications, but still no luck.

Your guidance is highly appreciated.

  • Hello,

    Could you please share SM App version ?
    Also can you share the notification definition screenshot ?

    Ideally RAD us.notify is called whenever you trigger any notification. You can call this RAD under format control/process if you are aware of or some RAD calling functions. Easiest way is format control - subroutines.

    You can define its parameters like name - notification definition name. And $record as $file (current record). A little bit of tailoring here would be needed. You can search for existing processes using us.notify to see how the parameters are called.


  • Hi Kiran,

    We have also faced similar issue, where second approver is not automatically triggered, nor current.approver is automatically changed after first approver.

    However when we attempt to open this Request, the approval is triggered.

    Is there a way to handle it in process designer instead of fc or RAD