End user getting extra email on Escalated incident closure which is not defined in Rule/Notification

Recently i noticied issue with end user, recevining extra email on closure of incident ticket whcih was escalated from interaction generated for the end user in SM 9.61 with P1 patch.

On Resolution of Incident, IMis getting closed using OOB rule. The related interaction record also getting closed and users receive 2 emails one for closure of interactiona and another for IM with subject & Body like below

Subject: Service Manager Mail

Body: Incident IM19028 has been updated.Incident macro mail format in IM environment not found, please notify Service Manager Administrator.

This email is not coming from any rule/notification defined in workflow.

  • Verified Answer

    I think i the issue, issue is coming form RAD which is called by OOB rule set to autoclose incident, application: macro.mailproblem1 (panel: message.build.3) , application: macro.mailproblemmany (panel: message.build.3).

     As a workaround, wrote a trigger on eventout after add on application: trigger.eventout.commas, to delete the eventout

    //Trigger to check and avoid unnecessary email with subject line Service Manager Mail

    if( record.evtype == "email" )


    var sep = record.evsepchar;

    var message = record.evfields;

    var messageArray = message.split(sep);

    var user = messageArray[1].toString();

    var text = messageArray[3].toString();

    if( user == "scheduledAction" && text == "Service Manager Mail")


     var delme = record.doDelete();

    if( delme == RC_SUCCESS ) print("Escaping mail from macro.mailproblem1 rad!");



     With this issue is resolved and user is not getting any extra email.