CIT not able to add/update contacts when it reached more then 10000 contacts into SM


I am using SM 9.62 with Connect IT 9.8, and facing a challenge now in my working AD SM integration using CIT

CIT not able to add/update contacts when it reached more then 10000 contacts into SM, i have close to 60K contacts which needs to be added/updated.

My scenario is working fine till 10K user but now its not taking new users and no error is appearing.

Kindly suggest.

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    Suggestions from engineer is to try

    rename oldap.dll (in the bin directory of Connect-It) to oldap.dll.oob(or whatever name) and copy nsldap32v50.dll to oldap.dll.

    1. Configure the connector

    2. Next>Advanced Configuration

    3. Paging Size - Increase to 5000

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  • had already tried it not working (found this KM from HP).

  • I am not a Connect-IT expert but if I do a search on 10,000 for connect-it knowledgebase. I find this nugget of information. Maybe you can set IMaxInst to 60,000 and give that a try.

    Internal Basic syntax
    Function SetMaxInst(lMaxInst As Long) As Long
    This function enables you to set the maximum number of instructions that a Basic script can execute. By default, the number of instructions is limited to 10000.
    Input parameters
    lMaxInst: This parameter contains the maximum number of instructions that can be executed by a script.
    Output parameters
     0: Normal execution.
     Other than zero: Error code.

    Note:If you set the lMaxInst parameter to "0", the number of instructions that a script can execute is unlimited.

  • Verified Answer

    Found the solution, issue is with Page size of AD, increase same and then set same value on the connector, this will help CIT to fetch all contacts from AD.