Attachement and Related record tab not showing Label in Request module in SM 9.51

Hello Experts,

We are running with a issue that Attachement and Related REcord tabs are not showing the label in Request module during Logging phase and open status. But in fulfillment phase and in progress status it all appears good. Is this an expected behaviour or a error? Can anyone suggest or help in this.

Much appreciated. Thanks. PFA attachements of expected and unexpected one's.




  • Hi,

    Open the form in FD then look for attachment tab, what value do you see in caption and cation condition?

    if you dont see anything in caption then type"Attachment" and remove caption Conition(null)

    Share the snapshot the tab properties



  • Hello, 

    Thanks for the assistance,

    I see the following in Fd of attachment form.

    This is in my dev instance, in which those tab's appearning fine. But with the same settings in my Prod instance, it is appearning as Null. Not sure what the issue might be.

    PFA attachment.



  • Hi,

    Your screen capture looks like it's the properties of the subform within the tab of the main form.  Perhaps I misunderstood, but isn't it in your main ticket form that you are missing the label/caption on the tab?  If so, depending on your version of SM, that is displayed based on a variable called $attachmentCaption or $screlation.caption, respectively, which OOB are populated based on the RuleSet called "common.relatedrecord.init.vars" which calls a ScriptLibrary record.  OOB this is the same in most forms.  Is it the same in the form you use for request in both logging and fulfilment?  If so, there is some condition that is not being met to properly populate it when your ticket is in fulfilment in Prod.  Since this is needed in all phases during the life of a ticket, the RuleSet is usually configured in the Object record.  You should check there to see if this is the case in your environment. You can either access through the Workflow by clicking Edit Object Properties, or directly in the request Object record by clicking the 'Configure Object Based Rule Sets and Actions' button.