Where Display option actions are stored ?

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can anybody given me an information on SM ? Where do all the actions in display options are stored in SM? I ahve found many places but could not find it. What is the origin of actions like {massapprove, nextphase, closephase, massupdate,} and many more ?

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    Table "States". You can also get there via the Object table (rigth side of the first tab).

    In the case of workflows, there is a small chance that the action will be there (Workflow) in the tab with Actions, the action code will be listed in the Action column. Technically, this is possible, but in the case of OOB system it is unlikely.

    Please note that some OOB actions may not be stored either there or there. For example, "save" for SD with PD enabled in SM 9.5.

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    Thank you so much for the response. Yes I got that in States. This actually is the answer for my query. But in addition to that, can I change the RAD codes? Because I am not that good in Process RAD entries. 

    Actually I have a button named Change Phase. Using that, I can move a change ticket from any phase to any phase. Now as my environment is Classic, I want a new button which will Revoke the Change Ticket. Basically what my client wants is on clicking the button, the call will move to "Closed" phase with "Cancelled" status.

    Is it anyhow possible with delta modifying the "Change Phase" button?


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  • As far as I know, a special license is required to change the RAD. But even if it does, and you can modify the RAD (Application table), I do not recommend doing this.

    Instead, you can create your own button and write actions for it or call a process that will do what you need.

    In the case of the Change Phase button, I, unfortunately, can not say anything concrete.