Migration Path for SM 9.34

We are running 9.34 P5 (non-Process Designer) and I am trying to determine the best upgrade path to get to 9.41 Codeless. I would like to reduce the complexity of having to reimplement all modules at once.  If it makes sense, I am willing to upgrade to 9.35 and/or apply PDCP's prior to making the jump to 9.41. I am concerned with the considerable amount of effort to enable to Process Designer for all modules at once, if going straight to 9.41 Codeless.  

Has anyone done this? Recommendations or advice on the best path is appreciated?  


Possible Upgrade paths:  

- Upgrade to 9.41 Codeless. 

- Upgrade to 9.41 Classic. As phase 2, switch to Codeless.  

- Upgrade to PDCP 3.  As phase 2, upgrade to 9.41 Hybrid. (Should allow us to switch one module at a time to codeless).

- Upgrade to 9.34 PDCP 4.  As phase 2, upgrade to 9.41 Codeless.


  • Following upgrade path is best, considering both the upgrade effort and the benefits:

    - Upgrade to PDCP 3. As phase 2, upgrade to 9.41 Hybrid. (Should allow us to switch on module at a time to codeless).

  • Thanks for the feedback.  Once on Hybrid, is there documentation to convert to Codeless?  I wasn't able to locate documentation for this?

  • Verified Answer

    No doc about this since it is very simple transition from Hybrid to Codeless once you adopt Process Designer (PD) concept, the transition is just to switch the category from migrated version to new PD version when creating Service Desk or Incident ticket.

    As we know, PD workflow on a ticket is determined by category, selecting a category determines you use a PD workflow defined for the category. So, for SD as example, after you upgraded to Hybrid, you are still using the old non-PD category with Migrated Service Desk workflow, for which, you can still use old-PD formatctrl, alert and approval and so on, once you are ready to fully adopt the PD workflow, then you should have setup PD Service Desk workflow, for which, you will use PD ruleset and so on, then just select the PD category with PD Service Desk workflow when creating new SD ticket, after you completely obsolete all of Migrated Service Desk workflows, then you are actually in Codeless.

  • Well, with the splitting of HP and HPE, I am now investigating the possibility of upgrading directly to 9.50 Hybrid from 9.34 P5 legacy. 

    Has anyone done this?  Any advice to share? Is there any benefit of applying PDCP3 before going to 9.50 Hybrid?

    Thanks in advance.